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Routine,Endorsements or Brand Ambassadors,Popularity

Routine: Katrina Kaif gets up early in the morning at 6.45 a.m. Then she goes for swimming and does this from 8.00 – 9.00 a.m. By 9.00 a.m. she is at home and finds herself energetic after having the swimming. Next two hours, she gives totally to herself in utter isolation. Katrina has story similar to another person in the industry who is very successful but wakes up early in the morning and does all the exercises and swimming. And he is Akshay Kumar.
Endorsements or Brand ambassadors : Katrina has became the face of Barbie, overstepping Ash, reportedly approached by the brand. Kat got the Nakshatra jewellery ad which Ash had endorsed for years. Sources claim that Katrina may be the new face of Lux. The soap brand already has two former Miss Worlds - Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra, as ambassadors. She also edged out former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen in the Pantene ad.
Popularity: Katrina is most popular in internet searches in India. Internationally, "Pamela Anderson" and "Jessica Alba" feature in the most popular list for Canada. Even the Germans have a fatal attraction for "Jessica Alba". "Paris Hilton" is very attractive for the Mexicans and "Amy Winehouse" for the Kiwis of New Zealand.

Katrina Kaif Without Makeup

Katrina Kaif without makeup. Katrina Kaif looks great with make up.. but without makeup she still takes the breath away. As rightly said, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. None of other actresses manage to find a place close to Katrina when it comes to the polls voting for the sexiest woman.
Katrina Kaif : Katrina Kaif has worked on a series of box office hits that include Namaste London, Apne, Partner and Welcome. Recently Katrina Kaif appear in Anees Bazmee's box office blockbuster "Singh Is Kinng" alongside Akshay Kumar.
Katrina Kaif looks great with make up.. but without makeup she still takes the breath away. If beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, sex appeal must lie in the body of the one beheld. Take the example of some of the hot babes of Bollywood. From Bipasha Basu to Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra , all have bared their body more than Katrina has. Yet none of these babes manage to find a place close to Katrina when it comes to the polls voting for the sexiest woman.

Katrina kaif Hot saree Collection

Katrina Kaif in Saree looks great. Here is a collection collection of over 30 great pictures of Kaitrina Kaif in Saree in various styles and colors. Katrina's favorite Saree colors include Red, Black, Pink and Maroon. Katrina in Saree is a pure delight to watch. Kaif has got an individual style and she is graceful in Saree. Katrina has a great choice when it comes to Saree. She is very bold in terms of trying different outfits.  She looks amazing in bikini as well as Saree.
All my bollywood designer saree collection have become instant hit. Thanks for great response. Aishwarya Rai has a great personal Saree collection but even Katrina has a equally cool collection of Sarees. You can pick your favorites.
I would like to cover special information on Silk Sarees and bridal Sarees in India. I have covered various types of regional sarees in my other saree hubs.

Silk Sarees and High end Bridal Sarees

 SILK Sarees :
South India has Kanjeevaram sarees are hand-woven silks, with unique practice in Tamil Nadu.
The Kanjeevaram sari is made of a heavy silk. It is very durable. A specialty of Kanjeevaram silk is the bold and bright color and favored by almost every woman.

Khinchabs and Amru brocades are made in Varanasi (north India). The Zari in the Khinchabs almost overshadow the original silk. the Amru brocades are woven in silk, not in zari thread whereas' a typical Amru brocade is the Tanchoi. These are woven in all shades of red, orange and yellow.

Mysore Karnataka is also known for Silk Sarees. Mysore crepe, Mysore silk or the Chamundi silk are also known far and wide. They make excellent bridal wear and are also very chic.

Other than Kanjeevaram sarees and Mysore silk, Special mention to paithani sarees and Banarasi sarees. Maharashtra has best sarees like paithani or shallu with gold zari work and Astapuri saree of Maharastra is well known. Banarasi sarees are the most often worn bridal wear.They have fine, hand woven exquisite zari work.

The list of Katrina's Saree collection:
  Katrina Kaif in Rich red saree with golden dots.. This could go as a high end party wear or any formal functions.
Katrina Kaif Black Saree with purple border and matching necklace. This could go as a party wear.
Katrina looks stunning in the other two black sarees (Those are casual wear )
Katrina has great smile in the yellow saree. This saree has a nice warmth around it. I can almost feel the sunshine.
Katrina in the blue saree are the contemporary sarees or modern style. Both are very elegent and stylish.
Katrina in pink sareee is most beautiful. What a girl! This is formal bridal saree. Very high end.
In Maroon saree with a hint of gold and blue, Kat looks superb in that. That saree is one of my favorites. This is an evening wear.

Katrina Kaif glamorous Saree pictures:-

Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone Best Freinds

Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone best friends 

 It seems Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone have buried the hatchet. Both the actresses will be seen performing together at a show in Las Vegas this December.

Earlier, we had reported that Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan were going to perform at this show in Las Vegas. Now, a brand new addition to the clan is Deepika Padukone. And if all goes well, Deepika and Katrina will perform together on stage as a part of this show.
The last time Deepika got uncomfortable with Katrina was over Ranbir Kapoor. Deepika had flown down to Bhopal where Ranbir was shooting with Katrina for Raajneeti, fearing that Ranbir and Kats might be getting too close for comfort. At that time, Deepika and Ranbir were in a very steady relationship.

But even after the two broke up, Deepika did not quite warm up to Kats. Recently, when both actresses bumped into each other at a photo shoot, they almost looked through each other.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cold war Between Katrina and Kareena

Cold war between two bollywood stars katrina kaif and kareena kapoor due to something happens. i.e. hideous and taut.
Cold War Between Hot Katrina Kaif And Kareena kapoor | Wallpaper
This time a news article is added that Kareena was shooting at the same place where Katrina was also shooting for her some of the movie.The bad thing is that they both do not interact with each other even after the shoots were kept in the same area.
It is also said that both the actoress made a reasonable distance to ignore each other. It is true that in Bollywood cold war gets hot war in the other, and it happened many times by many actors. We hope it will not be made between Katrina and Kareena and the rest in the future will tell.

Images of Katrina Kaif

Hot Katrina Kaif


Hmm Confused

Ratnani,Katrina and her sister

Isabel Kaif Kat's Sister

Salman and Katrina

Jodi hit Akshay and Katrina

Isabel Kaif

Salman and Katrina

Hotest Kat

Katrina with her sister

Barbie doll Ramp Walk

Barbie doll Ramp Walk

Barbie doll Ramp Walk

Red Hot Katrina Kaif

Sexy Kat

Beautiful smile of Katrina Kaif

Got it Katrina killer Look

Who is there??

Salman Khan still dating Katrina Kaif!

Getting true and straight forward answers was something actress and TV show host Koel Purie managed when she interviewed Salman Khan on her couch.

In a recently shot episode of Koel’s show ‘On The Couch’, Salman finally admitted publicly that he is dating Katrina Kaif and that the rumours of their split are baseless.

When asked if he was dating Kat, Salman replied with an emphatic “yes”. Not only that, Sallu was in a candid mood and also answered questions about Shahrukh Khan and his ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai without losing his temper, though he was a bit uncomfortable.

However, all this wasn’t easy, as a source tells a daily: “Salman wasn’t ready for the interview, but Koel grilled him on his set at Mehboob Studio. She asked him all sorts of questions, some of which were controversial. But Salman answered each and every one of them in monosyllables.”

The show also had public asking questions from Salman. When asked whether he will work with his ex-girlfriend Ash, he just said ‘no’. And on SRK he said that their lives were going in opposite directions and that they would never be friends again.