Sunday, November 21, 2010

Katrina Hot Dreams Real Life Unseen

I’ll dream with my eyes open. This correspondent talks to the hen that has yet another golden egg to her credit – Raajneeti. And didn’t the stock markets just teach you something last week? Forget stocks…start investing in Katrina. That’s a bullish rise.
Wouldn’t it be better if you were called the hen that lays golden eggs?
(Laughs) That’s a funny observation. Thank you. I think we all are really happy to see the fate of Raajneeti. None of us believed the results would’ve been like what we are seeing today. I never thought of Raajneeti breaking records.
Is Raajneeti your toughest act ever?
I’ve found a lot of my work challenging or equally challenging as Raajneeti. I found New York to be a great challenge. Even Ajab was challenging in a way. But because the content of Prakash Jha films is always serious, the role becomes tougher, realistic and serious. But the work and the effort you put into the film is equal. Yes, I’ll have to agree that in Raajneeti, a lot of extra effort went into portraying my role. I had to get a particular manner of lingo for the film and I delivered it.
Not even Kate Winslet has a consistency what Katrina Kaif has…
(Laughs out loud) Wow! I’m trying to digest this one now. It’s kind of weird in a way when you say whether I choose my scripts or the script chooses me. My mother always says that God has been kind to me. Out of the films I wanted to do, many of them haven’t worked at the box office and the films that I landed up doing have somehow managed to do the trick. I have never panicked because I believe that what falls into place is going to be right for me. Sometimes I can be wrong and sometimes right, but I’m destined to do well at the box office.
Did you underplay yourself in Raajneeti?
No. I can say ‘yes’ and sound intelligent in front of you but the fact is that I haven’t underplayed myself. From day one, I related to the script. I never thought I’d get to play the role with so many emotions and believe me, I would react to those in the similar way as to what I had reacted in the film. I just played myself more than I underplayed my role.
It’s wonderful to see the collections in the U.K too…
I think that is a really positive sign for everyone. Not just me, not just the cast and crew but the entire film industry. The myths and the stereo-types which I and you were discussing in Prakash’s office pre-release have proved us wrong somewhere. What works is a good story. It’s as simple as that.
You’ll be sharing your success with the Dostana 2 gang in London.
Oh yes. It’s been a long, long time that I’ve shot a film in my home town. I’m shooting Dostana 2 in London after Namastey London. I’m looking forward to work with Abhishek and John because I’ve worked with both these actors before. It’s going to be a lot of fun.
What about Aarakshan?
We’ve discussed a few things but nothing has been locked as of now. I’m not sure which film does Prakash want me for. We’ve discussed quite a few films. So we’ll have to wait and watch. Right now I’ve still got to finish Zoya’s film which I’m shooting now in Spain. Then I’ve got Farah Khan’s film with Akshay Kumar and then comes Dostana 2 and then Prakash’s next.

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