Sunday, November 21, 2010

Salman Khan still dating Katrina Kaif!

Getting true and straight forward answers was something actress and TV show host Koel Purie managed when she interviewed Salman Khan on her couch.

In a recently shot episode of Koel’s show ‘On The Couch’, Salman finally admitted publicly that he is dating Katrina Kaif and that the rumours of their split are baseless.

When asked if he was dating Kat, Salman replied with an emphatic “yes”. Not only that, Sallu was in a candid mood and also answered questions about Shahrukh Khan and his ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai without losing his temper, though he was a bit uncomfortable.

However, all this wasn’t easy, as a source tells a daily: “Salman wasn’t ready for the interview, but Koel grilled him on his set at Mehboob Studio. She asked him all sorts of questions, some of which were controversial. But Salman answered each and every one of them in monosyllables.”

The show also had public asking questions from Salman. When asked whether he will work with his ex-girlfriend Ash, he just said ‘no’. And on SRK he said that their lives were going in opposite directions and that they would never be friends again.

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