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Katrina kaif Hot saree Collection

Katrina Kaif in Saree looks great. Here is a collection collection of over 30 great pictures of Kaitrina Kaif in Saree in various styles and colors. Katrina's favorite Saree colors include Red, Black, Pink and Maroon. Katrina in Saree is a pure delight to watch. Kaif has got an individual style and she is graceful in Saree. Katrina has a great choice when it comes to Saree. She is very bold in terms of trying different outfits.  She looks amazing in bikini as well as Saree.
All my bollywood designer saree collection have become instant hit. Thanks for great response. Aishwarya Rai has a great personal Saree collection but even Katrina has a equally cool collection of Sarees. You can pick your favorites.
I would like to cover special information on Silk Sarees and bridal Sarees in India. I have covered various types of regional sarees in my other saree hubs.

Silk Sarees and High end Bridal Sarees

 SILK Sarees :
South India has Kanjeevaram sarees are hand-woven silks, with unique practice in Tamil Nadu.
The Kanjeevaram sari is made of a heavy silk. It is very durable. A specialty of Kanjeevaram silk is the bold and bright color and favored by almost every woman.

Khinchabs and Amru brocades are made in Varanasi (north India). The Zari in the Khinchabs almost overshadow the original silk. the Amru brocades are woven in silk, not in zari thread whereas' a typical Amru brocade is the Tanchoi. These are woven in all shades of red, orange and yellow.

Mysore Karnataka is also known for Silk Sarees. Mysore crepe, Mysore silk or the Chamundi silk are also known far and wide. They make excellent bridal wear and are also very chic.

Other than Kanjeevaram sarees and Mysore silk, Special mention to paithani sarees and Banarasi sarees. Maharashtra has best sarees like paithani or shallu with gold zari work and Astapuri saree of Maharastra is well known. Banarasi sarees are the most often worn bridal wear.They have fine, hand woven exquisite zari work.

The list of Katrina's Saree collection:
  Katrina Kaif in Rich red saree with golden dots.. This could go as a high end party wear or any formal functions.
Katrina Kaif Black Saree with purple border and matching necklace. This could go as a party wear.
Katrina looks stunning in the other two black sarees (Those are casual wear )
Katrina has great smile in the yellow saree. This saree has a nice warmth around it. I can almost feel the sunshine.
Katrina in the blue saree are the contemporary sarees or modern style. Both are very elegent and stylish.
Katrina in pink sareee is most beautiful. What a girl! This is formal bridal saree. Very high end.
In Maroon saree with a hint of gold and blue, Kat looks superb in that. That saree is one of my favorites. This is an evening wear.

Katrina Kaif glamorous Saree pictures:-

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