Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cold war Between Katrina and Kareena

Cold war between two bollywood stars katrina kaif and kareena kapoor due to something happens. i.e. hideous and taut.
Cold War Between Hot Katrina Kaif And Kareena kapoor | Wallpaper
This time a news article is added that Kareena was shooting at the same place where Katrina was also shooting for her some of the movie.The bad thing is that they both do not interact with each other even after the shoots were kept in the same area.
It is also said that both the actoress made a reasonable distance to ignore each other. It is true that in Bollywood cold war gets hot war in the other, and it happened many times by many actors. We hope it will not be made between Katrina and Kareena and the rest in the future will tell.

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